Friday, August 6, 2010


Caution: this post might have a lot of emo statement.
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Sometimes, I couldn't control my tears when people asked me:

"Where is your husband?"

"Never trust long distance relationship, it doesn't work."

Almost 8 out of 10 people will say that. Is it true?

Until today I still don't understand what's long distance relationship doesn't work means. I'd together with a same gentleman for almost 6 years since we were gf bf to husband & wife. Approximately 3 out of the 6 years we have been in long distance and so far it works on us. It's trust and loyalty all about. Yes there is a limit for trust, both won't broke it then everything will be fine.

I have no good advice to share here but I do think that it's depending on a person and situation. Not all long distance relationship won't work. It's not that we like to be apart, but we have our own goal and dream to achieve and that need us to be far for temporary.

Some people said, "How can you know what's your other half doing there? You can't see them."

Yes we can't see them but if you really love someone, amazingly you can feel what are they doing in the other side.

Some people are loyal, some are naugthy, some like to take advantage, some don't like to be control, some are really trying to "leave" you. But as for my opinion, if we really love someone then we shouldn't hurt them. Trust & be loyal. Someone who always hurt you or doesn't care your feeling, doesn't worth to be with you at all. Get what I mean? Yes left this kind of person go. Woman's feeling is more fragile. Happiness is very important, protect it. Another thing that must be avoid is being prejudice and hiding something. Ask, discuss, talk, understand, be honest & keep in touch all the time, not keeping on prejudice and hiding things.

I always excited when I know I have something to wait for. Yeah just as simple like waiting someone coming home. When that 'someone' is coming home, it's not only a smile on our face but our heart will smile & dancing too. When there is opportunity to be with together, we feel more appreciate for the every single of minutes. I'm not sure about other people. Missing someone is hurting of course but that kind of hurt is good for relationship.

Some people said, they get married because of they need generation (kids). For me, I need both, a partner and kids. I will say my bestfriend is my husband. As what I always see, normally people talk more open to others, normally to their friends than talking to their own spouse. It's because friends are always there to listen but they never control your life. It's not saying that no control at all here, control the bad things but having fun together like bestfriend do.

Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, conversation skill will be as important as any other.

I believe this statement. As we can see that today's more young people prefer to choose to study, work and marry overseas. Just imagine that when our child getting bigger and we are getting older, they will leave us here and having their own life in somewhere else. It will only left two senior citizen and here's the said real world for two people. Nothing that 2 old people can do other than sitting on a wooden chair chit chating & communicate among each other.

Health make all things possible,

Wealth make all things works,

Love make all things beautiful.

No one is perfect, no relationship is perfect.

We do have big differences in everything but when we united as 1, it's nearer to perfection.

*I know it's all mumbling and no point in this post. It's only my personal opinion and I just broke the rules to post some original non-edited photos here.

Wishing everyone have a beautiful happy love life.



Amanda Christine Wong said...

im in long distance relationship for almost 7 years and counting, but we're still going strong. so yeah, i understand u :)

Wiskies said...

wah u r even longer.. xoxo.. happy for you it still going strong..

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

bautiful pics...

Wiskies said...

Thanks Sumandak.. Credited to the photographer. You didn't know me but u might ever meet my husband before right? ;)

Mg said...