Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I never want to skip meal, because I don't want to become a hungry ghost after I die.


If someone asking "do you affraid of ghost?", what will be your answer?

I will answer, I affraid of human more than ghost.

Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese is celebrating Ghost Festival every year. Hungry Ghost Festival is one of the chinese tradition festival which has been celebrating on the 7th month of the chinese calendar every year. During the first 15 days of this month, the gate of hell are opened up and ghosts are free to roam the earth where they seek some food and entertainment. Relatives who still alive normally will prepare some food and drinks, burnig hell bank notes and joss paper.

In some places, they even held the live performance and the 1st row of seat will be left empty with the believe, it's reserve to ghost.

On the last day of this festival, the gate of hell will be closed and those ghosts have to find their way back to hell. For this year, yesterday was the last day of hungry ghost festival. Do you aware of left over food and joss stick every where?

We normally think that this hungry ghost festival is really scarry and my family will always warn me to go out at night during this season but actually, it's a good thing where our own late ancestor coming back to the earth to have a visit and what they want is only enjoy the food and having fun for few days.

How true is that?

I have a friend who has a pair of special sexy eye which he can see those creatures in the other world. I've ever asked him regarding the ghost month and this what he told me. Human normally will pray, serve food and burn the notes in the evening or night and the group of ghosts will just stand around without doing anything. By the time the praying is finish and the notes had burned completely and the human go inside the house, the group of ghosts will then start to take the drinks and food left there and enjoy it. They scared of human actually.

People always been advised not to go out during night time from home during the season but actually, the chinese shop closed their shop at night during this season and left some food outside the shoplot is just to let the spirit moving around and enjoy more freely without any disturbance. Not because of the ghost will harm human. The ghost affraid of human remember. People always have the negative thought on that season but in reality, human are actually worse and more dangerous than a ghost or like some says, human is ghost.

Next, a more excited festival will be Mid Autumn or Mooncake Festival which is in the 8th month of chinese calender. ;)

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Uncle Lee said...

Hi Wiskies, love this posting and your nice pics. By the way, you look great in your FB pic....real traffic stopper looks too, *wink*.

Re ghosts? I have had my fair share of them, staying in old rest houses old days.
Even carried one, a spirit in my car once. I blogged about it, last year.

You keep well and have fun and a happy hari merdeka to you, Lee.