Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Eventhough the public transport in KK is suck, I still depending on public transport at the moment. I usually will go anywhere by bus but I'd been advised to take a taxi if the bus is full of passengers & no more empty seat. Its not safe for me to stand on the bus & I realize that normally most of the bus passengers in kk, they don't understand or may be they didn't see or they don't bother about this kind of sign board.


Pregnant women or senior citizen are always transperent to them. Seriously.

Yes, always happened that nobody wanted to free a seat for me. I'm not saying that I'm angry on those people not reserved a seat for me, but I started to have a bad perception & feeling like the world is getting more & more shellfish. I feel the most pity for those senior citizens. Just imagine if the senior citizen is our own parents, not been given a seat in a bus packed with lot of people while they are not strong enough to stand steadily, doesn't that cruel?

Taxi in KK is the most sucking blood public transportation. I always took a taxi to everywhere (if I was rushing) when I was in KL before but never in KK. Guess what, the taxi fair from Terminal 2 Airasia Airport to KK city will cost you RM15 - RM20 per way! Hey I can go back to my hometown (KK - Ranau) 2 hours journey by taxi with the same price. I don't understand why taxi in Sabah has no meter. If there is a meter, distance from Airasia Airport to KK city will not even RM8! I'm sure.

Now, I have no choice. I have started to take taxi since last month, pretending I'm rich when the bus was full of passenger or heavy rain in the evening. But then, I became 1 of the victim.

1. One evening, it was raining then I took a taxi went back home. Sat in the taxi and realized it was still like 10 years ago no taxi meter. When I arrived home I asked the taxi driver how much, he answered me, "RM15."
2. Another evening, it was raining heavily, flood was almost everywhere and the road was really jam. When I arrived home I asked the taxi driver how much to pay, he answered me, "RM18." I paid him RM18 coz yeah it's really bad weather condition but as I said, I can go back to my hometown (approximately >100KM) with RM18.

3. One evening again, I was bit late came out from office. I missed the bus and thick clouds was coming. I took a taxi which the driver drove the taxi like a bull & I asked how much to pay when I reach home, the taxi driver answered me, "cincai lah.. RM12 saja."

4. One morning, the bus was full with passengers & I might be late to reach office if I followed the next bus. I took a taxi & when I reach office, I just handed over RM12 without asking the driver. The taxi driver return me the RM2 and he only took RM10.

WTF. Different taxi different price? I was not satisfied and I'd questioned one of the lady who staying same area with me, she answered me "normally it's RM10 with taxi". Oh man.. How dear those taxi's. I know it's hard for them to earn money but the more we greedy, at the end we will get nothing okay. No wonder the taxi in KK still the same like 10 years ago, still susah cari makan. Even a local been taken advantage, what else if a foreigner. Who else want to follow you? Rich people have their own car or driver while poor fellow like me are not always afford to take a taxi.


"Teksi Bermeter" sign is on every taxi you saw on the road but none of the taxi in KK has a single taxi meter in it.

It's going to rain again this evening. I just wish the taxi's in KK will be fix a taxi meter in it ASAP.

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