Friday, June 19, 2009


OK set! I’m going back to hometown this weekend!

My sis had asked me to buy fresh cream and topping cream for cake. Hmm? Meaning to say she going to bake cake! Hah.. Yes she is going to back cake for one of my niece’s birthday and also father’s day.

Father’s Day.. I love my dad and will go back to spend my time with him and my family.

My dad used to work in government servant before, the one who controlling mosquito (Nyamuk Aedes). Hehehe.. In Hospital Malaria. He used to force us to sleep with mosquito net. The problem is that, every one of us ware so lazy to set up mosquito net and we prefer just spray the room before sleep.

After he retired, he became a small trader by selling hardware and he also look after of his durian farm. I’m glad with him, I know he had put so much effort and work hard to let me complete my study. Not only for me but for my sisters and brother too. He had worked so hard for us and it’s time for him to rest and we work for him (if he work for hobby and just spend time then up to him la..). His face really shows that he was so happy and out of burdens after I complete my study. I’m the youngest and I’m the last he has to spend. He was so proud when he attended my convocation (although I was not 1st class student). Anyway, I believe that’s only a result stated in a paper, the most important is still our minded and thinking. Why I’m saying that way because I met a lot of people including my bosses are millionaire at the moment but actually most of them not a degree holder and some of them doesn’t have even a Diploma. & I also ever met someone who has degree are jobless and go nowhere. My dad was so worry with that last time, he ever suggested me just to continue form 6 or work and not University or College. Anyway, sorry with what had happened and thanks to my family especially my dad finally he encouraged and supported me, study in higher level is important now days and a requirement for current life.

My dad is a very strict person but friendly. He talks a lot and keeps repeating same story again and again to anyone. The TV at home will be his TV at 8pm everyday (compulsory must watch Berita). He likes to stay at home and always trying hard to make his grandchild happy. He ever advice me not to get married but don’t ask me why on that. I’m made him angry for so many times on many things but I know at the same he’s proud of me.

Just wishing him and every dad in this world very Happy Father’s Day..
I love you dad.. (Hensom & macho kan him time muda-muda.. hehe..)
& another announcement, my boss's car been robbed last few days had been found in Penampang Area. Everything is still in good condition and remain untouched except they had changed the plat number.

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