Friday, June 5, 2009


Busy with my work this recently, didn't online for few days and no time to crack my head to get idea for blogging.. 3 different new tasks for me, 1 will complete on Monday (~hopefully~) and another two is coming. Damn I've no idea and lack of guide on the new tasks given to me but i'm happy too I have and will learn something new.
Just talk about anything I heard and saw..
There is one incident happened on last weekend, I know I'm not suppose to laugh at it but I don't know y whenever I thinked about it I feel it was a bit funny. The story is like this: me and my sis went back to Ranau last Saturday, my sis was driving. On the way back, at one corner of the road, there is a van accident. The van didn't bumb with anything or any other car, it just slip off on the road by itself. The car is kereta mayat and there is corpse inside that van. Just imagine the corpse already died and dead again for the second time. hehehe.. Pity actually.. and the end of the story, the van driver also dead in that accident.
No. 2
Last few day I was having lunch with few of my colleagues, someone asking us and made me think a lot on it. He asked: You work for your wedding or you work for a family?
He means, you earn money for your wedding or you earn money for your future family? Most of people don't realize, most of them working hard to earn money just because of the wedding function and hantaran. Normally people will think more mature and thinking earn for family only after they have their own kids.
No. 3
My sis told me that most of the public transport around KK are not allowed to go into the city. Hmm.. what a planning.. They only allowed to stop at bus terminal near Wawasan Plaza and there is only city bus are allowed to bring passanger from the terminal go into kk city. It means I have to ride in two buses only from Kepayan to KK. It was started since 1st June 2009. Gini lah ni if urg tiada krita.. Anyway, will see how was it and try it in next few days..

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