Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I believe some of you ever climbed our natural beauty Mount Kinabalu. It only cost you RM100 over and not more than RM200 per person last time. Starting from last year (2008) til now, climbing Mount Kinabalu will cost you almost RM500 per person. Nasib baik saya sudah naik time muda-muda dulu.. kekekekek.. I missed those beautiful and unique sceneries up there, thinking to climb it for another time but the price stopped me.

Y are there so expensive? I’m not sure, may b they have to do very tough maintenance up there. Everything is still the same price as last time except the accommodation at Laban Rata and they include meal in a package. The prices are as follow:

Climbing Fee

Permit Fee

Adult - RM30
Insurance per person – RM7
Certificate(color) – RM10
Trail Fee - RM5

Guide Fee

1-3 climber(s) – RM42.50
4-5 climbers – RM50

*Timpohon is the starting and end point at National Park

That is Climbing Fee (haven’t include Laban Rata accommodation), not exit RM70 per person. I still remember last time, accommodation cost only around RM65 per person and now, it will be..

RM2,360 per room includes:

- Dormitory Bunk Beds (Double Decker bed as we stayed last time)
- 6 person per room (it means RM393.30 per person)
- Heater (yeah, last time there was no heater for us)
- Common Bathroom (yes bathroom is clean and well maintained)
- Heated Shower (I still remember there is hot water direct from the pipe for bath)
- Restaurant Area (Restaurant just nearby from the room)
- Lunch (last time all meal are own cost)
- Dinner (last time all meal are own cost)
- Breakfast (last time all meal are own cost)
- Lunch after descent (last time all meal are own cost)
- Early Supper
(last time all meal are own cost)

I only showed few prices that we usually paid for climbing mountain. Those prices are not applicable for below 18 years old and for a non Malaysian. Prices show above is only for Timpohon-Summit-Timpohon, there is more starting and end point including Mesilau, Ketal’s Route, more peaks other than Summit, Sub Station, Air Terjun ect. There is Porter service and Helicopter ride too. Accommodation in Laban Rata has several choices of room, I only showed the dormitory room here. Kindly Log in to www.suterasanturylodges.com.my for more info.

* Those photos are not taken by me but it was so beautiful..

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