Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This is what we always hear when we go to KFC.

“Having here or take away sir?”


“I repeat your order miss…”

To be frank, I love to eat KFC. I repeat, I love to eat KFC.. ahahaha.. ~ hint..

And I was surprised when I went to one of this KFC Branch in KK. Actually I knew it since last few years and it is so special. You will never hear the sentence and dialogs up there. Y? Because that KFC Branch has been employed by handicap, most of the staff in the outlet is handicap; even the cashier at the front counter is someone who unable to talk. The shop is so quite and peaceful, and there is Wifi on day time. The KFC Brach I mean is the one in Tanjung Aru. I went to a lot of KFC in Peninsular even oversea but I never saw 1 like this. May be there are but I never saw and never went into it.

I love and support this kind of concept which can help the handicaps a lot and let them have a proper job like normal people do. It has been launched and opened on February 1996.

But still, what had I realized.. Those cashier unable to talk, and we as customers have to communicate with them using sign language too. Or, write in a paper and pass it to them. However, I ever saw someone who had their meal from the plastic bag in the restaurant. It means, there is miscommunication among the cashier and customers. The customers wanted to had their meal in the restaurant but the cashier might think that the customer want to take away.

Somehow, I’ll support if there is a new shop with this kind of concept to be open.

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