Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My bro working in Peninsular, married there and has a cute 2 years old daughter. Last month he came back Sabah together with his family during the Kaamatan and school holiday. He went back N9 1 week later and he told me a story.

Last weekend, he and his family (wife and daughter) went back to his mother in law’s house in Port Dickson. His two years old daughter keeps on saying “I want to go home..”.

After a while there, they went back their home in Nilai. The small daughter still keep on saying “I want to go home..”..

My bro and sis in law wonder and asked her “You are at home now, which home you want to go?”

“I want to go home..”

Then my bro asked her again “Do you mean you want to go Nenek’s house?”

Then my small nephew answered “yes..”

She still miss her moment in Sabah. I’ve just uploaded few photos which shows that those kids are so enjoy and happy with their school holidays and some of my activity there..

My Hometown, Ranau..

Kampung kids and city kids.. It's a bird in the cage..

Feeding mamee keropok to a bird.

Became grandma's hand after having bath in Hot Spring..

My niece and nephews..

Look at them, everyone is so happy..

I was playing badminton with a small Lee Chung Wei.. Wondering how to play coz there is strong wind at that moment..

And the suttle cock fly onto the roof!

But no worries, look at the kids is so united and co-operate to settle it..

This photo is during my nephew birthday party, everyone has their own style, just look like sakai and aliens..
Those are my happiness.. I love my hometown and my family. I like my activities there, relaxing and not rushing at all like in a city..

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