Monday, June 14, 2010


I believe in this.. I'm not sure about other people, but this works on me and I believe it.

If it faithed yours, then it will be yours.

My sis always say this. Of course in some things, we have to work hard and push ourself then we will get it. But in some cases, when a thing has faithed to be ours, we don't need to push & force but the things came to us beautifully. It happened to my sis past few years when she was jobless. She resigned from her previous company and took few months to rest while looking for other new job. No body not surprise with what had happened in that period, can you believe that a car came to her when she was jobless? What I mean here is her loan approved eventhough she was not working for almost 1 year. She was not serious to have that car but we don't know how's the agent did and the car suddenly been drove to the front of her house and the car then belongs to her. Of course the agent did everything coz he wanted commission but yeah that car has really faithed to be hers. Lot of people tried hard to buy something & find the best guarantor but still not approve, have you ever experienced that?

Now another same case happened here. My man had just tried to apply a job in a public listed company few months ago. He had been called for interview and he simply get the job. He has never serious & think much about the job since we had started our own business and business running half way at the moment. Beautiful things keep coming in. Guess what, he confirmed get the job with 5 figure basic salary (eventhough he still said that he has the smallest salary among all staff in the same level, sabar la ba k don't be too greedy) + house to stay + car + monthly air ticket back to KK + medical + allowances + yearly bonus + commission + good position + power + good & low profile bosses ect. What else not included? It's crazy. Everyone knew that people all over Malaysia would applied the vacancy but he is the one who get it. He never pushed or hoping but things faithed to be him and I feel proud. I'm glad that I have accepted him before he get all these offers. Money is not everything but to have a good career & able to provide stable life for family is a part of guy's ego. I just wish that everything is alright & he will have weekend and holiday once start working.

When a man are having his 1st baby, his luck (rezeki) will better than before because god had set expenses for the little him/her (baby) with the condition, that man must loyal & love to his wife and family.

I get this tips from the respected Mr. Shan and ever heard many people said this too. A good tips for young people who going to get marry. ;) I believe in this tips, with what my man & me getting now.

I had passed my 1st trimester actually & I'm holding a soccer ball on my tummy now. xoxo.. It brings blessing to us and we really thank god for it.

Be good to others.

I might not a good person, I seldom go to worship place to pray, but I always try to be good to others, and always thanks to god. I've ever asked few persons, other than saving, what will they do if they have extra money. Enjoy the money or helping others? I was surprised that ALL OF THEM answered me that they will enjoy the money. Today's people are more shellfish. It's up to them anyway, as long as I'm not. :) but I believe that our life will be good when we are not shellfish. We just have to protect ourselve coz yeah some people might take advantage on us. I didn't know why I've chosen & prefer to help others. I'm not rich but I'm happy helping others. As long as I still have money to eat, I don't mind if that person pretending forgoten to pay me back, I'm considering I've done a charity.


This is only my personal view anyway based on what had happen on me. I believe that I'm personally really lucky compare to lot of people out there. Especially when I saw a husband and a pregnant woman holding other 3 more small kids, became passengers in a crowded mini bus. I always saw that & really feel sorry. Can you imagine if you were in their life? They can leave in that hardship while we still not satisfied with what we have at the moment. I just believe that I'm really lucky, thank god.


Anonymous said...

you had already over with your 1st trimester ? i thought that you just getting married ?

anyway.. BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you both.
you two sure are full of blessings
nothing more you can expect now, your life soon will be more wonderful, with the baby is on the way..

i envy you then, me myself have been TTC for one year already and yet, luck was not faithed for me.. sad thing :-(

Wiskies said...

:) don't be envy, I'm nothing.. everyone sure will have a good luck, we just have to go through bit hardship & hardwork. as i said lot of time, people don't know how's my life & what have I went through, but I stil thanks to god.

Etine Herms said...

Ongrats Wis! Ur story reminds me of Mother Mary's stories and She said "Terjadilah menurut kehendakMu" or 'Your will be done'... To be honest, i feel really close to The Man Above now since i dont feel 'safe' here..

Lizeewong said...

Congratulations! This is exciting news and you must be so excited! Happy for you :)