Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today just wanna talk about cook & food, just for fun. xoxo.. I love food. I love cooking and eating but I don't know how to cook well & nice meal. Glad that I still know to cook simple meal and my man just love not more than that.

No I'm not going to show step by step how to cook this following meal, since this is not a special dish at all. I just want to show that I love this kind of life where we only able to do this out of the city & busy life.

1st of all, we rear 'ayam kampung' and slaughter it.

Then, my sis planting mushroom.

Chopped it - Garlic, onion, chicken, musroom, ginger ect and cooked it.


What special & make me happy on this is, all the raw ingredient including the ginger been planted and reared by ourselve in my hometown.

xoxo.. I actually out of idea to blog out. I love to eat everything somehow I'm a health conscious person. I'm happy to cook if I able to get fresh raw ingredient. & just wanna say that, food can make me happy. I love & enjoy my life.. ^_^


Lizeewong said...

Yummm! Good for you...It's not easy to have your own little organic farm ba.. :)

Wiskies said...

ya tulah.. must have own empty land ba..