Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just little update..
Went for some photoshooting together with the cows last weekend, weather was not hot at all.

but still.. amazingly I get my sunburn all over my shoulder and my back.

Wanna recomend a new nice place to stay & rest.. Dream World Resort, Kundasang, Ranau. ;) Nice new place, just opened last month. I didn't manage to take photo with my own camera but will upload some photos once I get it from the photographer later. The following photos just been copied from the Resort's facebook page.


I went to a supermarket yesterday after work. Monday is 'No Plastic Bag' day in some supermarket but I was totally forgoten about it. If you really have no green bag, the supermarket still can give you plastic bag with extra RM0.20 charges. It's not because of the RM0.20, I really support the 'go green' campaign so I won't requested plastic. I'd corked up everything into my hand bag and feel funny with it. LOL.

OK yeah I know still there WAS plastics..

Just remember that, Monday is 'No Plastic Bag' day. Not only for Monday, actually it's good to practice it & ready green bag every single day. ;)
Go green & love the nature..



Amanda Christine Wong said...

wow! the first pic looks like in NZ! (as if i've ever been there XD)

Wiskies said...

ahaha yeah manda.. NZ..

Nancy said...

Thanks for the info about the Monday "No Plastic Bag" day, I didnt know about it!How ignorant of me. hihi