Monday, August 3, 2009


Oh damn.. All in my mind at the moment is just my MOST FAVORITE FOOD in my life. I'm craving japanese dish and yes it is so expensive! But hey, it's healthy food. The cheapest I can't get around Malaysia is Sushi King.. It's my favorite restaurant and honestly I was so upset there was no Sushi King in KK when I transfered here from KL few years before. I still remember I'd given my Sushi King member card to Jamie coz there is no Sushi King outlet in KK at that time. ;)

But today, I'm so happy that I know Sushi King has opened in Sabah & of course I know every of its outlet in KK. There is 3 outlet at the moment which is in 1 Borneo, Citymall & Warisan Square. Yeeaahh.. For more info, can log in to Sushi King website - Other than Sushi King, of course there is other Japanese Restaurant too but only Sushi King has the cheapest price and different restaurant has different taste. I like my favorite dish the most only in Sushi King. Else, Wagamama.. yummy..
What's the most delicious I mean?
It is UNAGI!! mmm..
Unagi is grilled eel.
What??! Eel? Ahaha.. Yes, belut.. Some people don't dare to eat it but I love it.
The photo above is the menu set in Sushi King. My favorite & I love the miso soup too..

Una Don, only a small menu set.

Yummy unagi sushi..
Other than I'm craving on this food, I actually happy & wanna announce here that,
August is Unagi Season!!
There is promotion starting from 1st August until 31st August every year in Sushi King.

In Unagi Season, unagi is more cheaper than usual and it will be more fresh. More menu for unagi too..

Ok enough. Some people might feel disgusting with it but I repeat again, I love unagi. hehehe..

Other than above food, below also my favorite japanese food which available in Sushi King Restaurant and other Japanese Restaurant too.

Honestly lidako or baby octopus in Wagamama is more delicious. :)

Salmon & tuna. Good taste..

Fresh shishamo sold in some supermarket and it's cheaper some more compare we had it in Japanese restaurant. We can buy and cook it ourselve at home.

I miss the Takoyaki in Jusco, Mid Valley. There is unagi takoyaki too.. :p But here, the most I like is the one in Wisma Merdeka - Takoyaki Boat but they'd cooked it quite oily.

Guys out there, japanese food is healthy food. Try it and you will love it.

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