Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today is Winter Solstice Festival.

Happy Winter Solstice Festival to all chinese who celebrate it. Photo above I was holding a plate of uncooked tang yuan which is the main food for the festival, with the ugly background I know.

Oh well someone is busy with it too.. xoxo..

As I'd mentioned last year, winter solstice actually is celebrating the 'ying' by chinese people. 22nd December for every year is the day which is the coolest, and has the shortest day time and longest night time for the entire year. Because of chinese believe in ying and yang, this is why winter solstice is special and 'ying' been celebrated. Normally chinese cut their hair before this festival, and not before chinese new year. ;)

Yummy Tang Yuan..

Yuan means round. During this festival, it's all about the gathering of family members, having meal in a round table. Nothing is more precious than being with our family. So, Happy Winter Solstice, love our family and always spend more time with them. ;)


gunsirit said...

HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE to you and family..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

wow, u really do follow all these chinese stuff huh...i thought it was just a regular day yesterday when my mom told me it's the end of the chinese new year. i feel so bad...

Wiskies said...

Gunsirit, thanks.. Merry Cchristmas to you..

Amanda, I know I will be apart with my family in hometown soon. Now I'm still here for temporary so I took the opportunity to celebrate and makes my family happy as much as I can. :)