Saturday, December 18, 2010


If we are sexy when single, people will compliment:

"Wow! Hot Chicks!"

If we are sexy after giving birth, people will compliment more:

"Wow hot mama! Doesn't look like a mother with 2."

LOL. I'm not a hot mama but at least I've totally gain back my original weight as before I'd got pregnant 1 year ago. Oh yeah original weight doesn't mean original shape. LOL. That is why I need exercise. As I always said, I don't have a prefect nor sexy body but I know I'm healthy and I always maintain my exercise. I know I'd rest too much this lately, I mean lack of exercise since 4 months ago.

I'd slowly started my exercise again by doing house core and slow walk. Walk up the hill to town once a week just to buy my baby's milk powder, approximately 25 minutes walking journey from home. Sometimes borrow my niece's bicycle and cycling around the house compound but there is one thing that I hate, their bicycle doesn't have breaks. -_-"

Now then I'm trying to start some more extreme exercise such as running and jumping. So here I'm sharing some kampung style of exercise tools. I don't know about others but this really recall my childhood, one of my kampung game when I was a kid. Today's kid doesn't play this type of game, I have 11 nieces and 1 nephew but none of them know how to play it. It's rubber band rope skipping.

First of all, I just need recycle rubber band as much as I can. I still remember I always can't escape to be scolded by my mom because of stealing her recycle rubber band in my old days.

To start it, just putting the rubber band into one another.

Continue the step by putting it into one another until it's getting longer and longer.

When it's long enough, just tight the last rubber band at the end of it.

Ignore the ugly feet.
The length of the rubber band is suit for my height and now I have a cheap rubber band as a rope skipping for me to do my exercise.. ^_^ Kampung style but it works..
Really sorry for the poor explaination and happy bexercise. xoxo..

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