Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I know everyone is in christmas mood at the moment especially those who are celebrating, I'm in that mood too so I'm writting an entry about it. I'm not sure where will I celebrate my christmas this year. Actually I'm not celebrating it, it's my husband celebrating it somehow seems like he unable to get away from work during the season this year. sob sob..

I'm still in my hometown at the moment. My family not celebrating christmas however, my sis married to a christian too so my nieces celebrating it. I love christmas among all the seasons I tell ya. I love christmas decoration and soft christmas song. ^_^ for me christmas is so warm in a family gathering. Ok I'd said that last year and I repeat it again this year. But one thing that really make me worry is, Christmas is only one day and after Christmas means ANOTHER NEW YEAR! Oh gosh time pass so fast and I'm geting older! There's still lot of things that I havent achieve! Shit.. Pause the time please..

OK kids is always excited with Christmas and a small christmas tree had been set up in my mum's house. Can you believe the above christmas tree + decoration + light only cost below RM50? That's really cheap. The kids come to my mum's house everyday, that is why all the decoration had been done here instead of in their own house. It's school holiday tho and I believe this coming christmas will be a blast for us. I mean the kids. We are planning to have some activities for the kids during christmas and exchange gift of course. My name and my baby's name in! Wheeeee... ^_^ I'm not a kid but joining it make me feel more younger. LOL.

Niece: "Baby Xiomira doesn't know anything about christmas, and she don't know to buy gift."

Me: "I buy on behalf of her of course."

Niece: "So can we put the cat's name in?"

Me: Duh.

A yellow cat in my mum's house.

Budget is around RM15-RM20. We had picked a name, who should we give the present to. So I get the name tuuuuut and tuuuut for my baby. LOL. I raftly know who get my name. xoxo.. and I heard someone talking to my baby: "Xiomira, do you like red long pants? If yes then smile to me.."


My baby blur and ignore it of course, did her own things without understand what had been asked. Well, I'd given a hint. Just 1 set t-shirt with long pants for her is good enough, I need that for my baby. xoxo.. And she seems like prefer purple more than other color. I might be wrong but I like purple too. LOL. No I prefer apple green color for her. It's cute and suitable for baby boy too (who knows my 2nd child will be a boy :p). But I know baby's thingy are mostly pink and blue so just let the sender to decide.

As for me, I'm not sure what I wish for. I like decoration thingy somehow it's not that suitable coz I'm going to move soon so just let the sender to surprise me. May be they have a better idea. ^_^ Lastly, will it too early to wish everyone Merry Christmas now? xoxo.. Okay, season greeting from me in advance.


gunsirit said...

Its nice to meet you in blogging again. Merry Christmas!

Wiskies said...

thanks gunsirit.. thanks for dropping by here. merry christmas in advance.