Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Preferable to read other's blog rather than update my own blog this time around. I actually ready to post regarding the award given by Nancy unfortunately it's not ready yet & changed my mind to post another topic.

Will it look like this?

This might be the first post for the 'to-be-mummy-post', xoxo.. I don't like to show off for this things. Yeah you can see some people are really excited for their pregnancy especially the 1st one, I'm excited too but I try to control & only show the excitement to my hubby. Well when we acting too much, sometimes we don't aware that we actually had let some people around us jelouse, offended or feel down. For an example when you see a couple keep on sending love comment in fb among themselve publicly which every friends in their fb can read. It's none of our business, sometimes we ignored it, sometimes we feel fun to read it but sometimes we will feel disgusting. Have you ever imagine those people who are still single read it? Of course they will feel jelouse & down. ok that is an example for couple, how about pregnancy? When you keep on telling (ok i know some mummy just can't control it, I'm not offended anyone here) people about your baby in your tummy, have you ever think what will those people who had-married-but-no-child will think? It's sad & jelouse. I really feel sorry, only within this year, I'd knew two of my married lady friends had their miscarriage. I'm sad to know that & I'm not suppose to brag in front of them. Just pray for them to get 1 ASAP & wish for their good health.
Since this is my 1st pregnancy, I just need more tips & share some of my 1st experience. I know it's normal for a pregnant woman (huh I'm a woman? LOL I don't believe.) but this is 1st time for me. I have no idea in a lot of things and I don't know how to deliver. 1 tips that I get from my friend, she just advised me that don't show off that I'm pregnant especially in my 1st trimester. Yes I'd passed that & thank god I know that I'm healthy so far. & she adviced me that don't buy any baby stuff in the early stage of pregnancy, just save money until it's nearly to deliver. May be she is true in some view & I'd followed that.

My friends doing some online business selling baby stuffs based in KK. Anyone interested just click on the link & do add her into your fb friend list. ;) See, I never buy one from them but I'm helping them to promote. I actually interested to buy but their stock are always damn fast selling, it's cheaper compare to the price outside but some people advised me that don't buy too much clothes for baby coz they are growing fast! I actually haven't bought anything yet.

1. I might move but don't know yet where & I don't want to get headache on how-to-bring-so-many-stuff later.
2. I really don't know what to buy & prepare.
3. When I asked opinion from my sis, she just answered me "Don't buy anything, we have everything for baby here." o_O Thanks anyway, my sis even packed all her x-pregnant dress for me too.
4. Common question from EVERY1, "Have you scanned? Boy or girl?" and most funny, those who knew my hubby has twin will asked excitingly "IS IT TWIN??"
OK the answer is, I've scanned it and yes it's twin. LOL.. ok I'm just kidding. It's not twin (unless if the clinic make mistake) eventhough the dady has twin. It's very small posibility for us to get twin. Only our grandchild has the posibility to get twin. So what's in my tummy now? Actually we also don't know yet. The baby is shy & he/she has covered his/her private part with his/her leg. xoxo.. Tau juga malu rupanya.. We actually don't mind whether it's girl or boy as long as we know that he/she is healthy, clever & have heart. ^_^ & we will just try to buy unisex baby stuff, try to avoid pinky2 or brutal2 design so that 2nd baby still can use it no matter what gender.


One of my aunt recomended the above cream to me when I was still a student practical under her. I still remeber it and this cream is actually for stretchmark. ;) I don't know, according to my aunt it's good & I'm using it. Yeah apply it since pregnant until after deliver. According to the sales girl in the BodyShop, for those who has stretchmark on thigh or any part of skin, can apply this cream too.


Every morning I'm complaining that I don't know what to wear to work. My hubby bought a shirt for me to wear on Saturday to work.

Guess what, it's 'M' size shirt.. for pregnant? xoxo..

I just told him that I only can wear it for 1 week then I have to keep it until after I deliver.

He just said, "No it's strechable, it follows ur body shape & it's sexy." o_o

LOL. ok lah pregnant pun mesti mo sexy.. If the nurses in clinic saw this, then sure they will comment to wear a bigger size of clothes. LOL. It's not SEXY OR NOT SEXY, it's for the tummy to grow. Thanks anyway. I like it & I know I still can wear it regularly even after I deliver.


Maybe these are some of my mistakes & careless. I angry to myself sometimes & hate these things happened on me during my pregnancy.

1. I didn't aware of what food I should take during pregnancy in the 1st place, I ate sushi regularly before. Once or twice a month. Damn regret on this but since I knew that I'm not suppose to eat raw meat, I stop it.

2. Both my legs cramp every morning & I'd ever totally fell down in my bedroom because of unable to stand properly. I just felt that my leg was more painful than my other part of body at that moment but thank god nothing unwanted things happen until now. And now I get to know that it's because I'm lack of calcium.

Nothing is more important than look after my food at the moment.


Changes on me at the moment..

1. My leg getting swollen.

2. Hungry most of the time but so far I have no specific food that I'm craving for.

3. I'm getting bigger & tired easily.

4. My normal weight before I pregnant was around 52 - 53kg (ok yeah I know I'm an elephant). At the moment my weight is only 59kg, I'm getting worry because my previous month was 59kg too.

5. I always confident & under estimate that my body is just like normal but when I went through any narrow space, it's either my tummy or my butt will bumb one of the side.

6. Finger cross. I love this I tell you. - something is moving actively everyday in my tummy. I'd told my hubby that I wish to be in this way, don't want to deliver because delivering is hurting. In this way, I can always feel it moves, no hurts & don't need to take care a small child. xoxo.. Of course my hubby said it's not fair for him coz he didn't feel anything. Everytime he put his hand on my tummy, we don't know why things inside will only be quite & never moves, that is why he never feel anything. LOL. Ladies out there, get married faster & get pregnant faster, it's nice & sometimes funny to feel it.

Hubby: "Kicking? He will be a great football player in the future just like me."

LOL. Mentang-mentang lah x-state players.

Me: "Football? How if it's a girl?"

Hubby: "It's ok, then she will be a great dentist."

Dentist? I have no idea why dentist. I prefer them to be a language stranslator. xoxo.. What a setting & dreaming.


Anonymous said...

somehow u telling more than u want though :-)

it's ok to brag since u r on the 2nd trimester

to name a few, what u shud do:-
drink milk- anmum, everyday
take pregnancy multivitamin- as prescribed by a doc, or go to pharmacy
nibble a crackers would do- if u dont really feel into eating
start kegel exercise- to reduce labour pain, and brisk walk also helps

have a fun preggo period !

Wiskies said...

Yeah I'm telling too much here tho.. But if I didn't tell these much, u wil have nothing to read. hehe. Thanks for the advice. it might helps me a lot.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

hey, congrats! btw, u're such a cutie! :D

Anonymous said...

hehehe..siok o wis baca ur sharing ni pasal preggy...harap2 sa cepat dapat kan rite after my wdding..hehehe...just pray to the almighty lord jah....:)

Really happy for you my friend...and hope to c u soon..mau tgk jg how u look like during dis preggy time..siok bha tgk org preg..hehehehe

Anwy, u take more healthy food..if got time, hope can go out with u mkn2..wanna c u buntal2..hehehe..;)

tk k..muaah..

hugs: Beryl

Wiskies said...

Uih Beryl.. Jumpa juga ko sini. hehehe.. I pray for you supaya ko pun dapat cepat2 coz i know u like small kids. Just look after ur food even b4 u get preggy too k. boleh tu, jan lambat2 nanti bnyk masalah kesihatan time beranak.

want to see buntal ka? hahaha.. sudah ko nampak pun tu hari. tu juga sebab napa lisa selalu cari saya. come over here la, that's y saya pun diam ja lama tiada p cari kamu bawa p joging atau apa2 sebab saya susah mo jln & bergerak.