Tuesday, April 28, 2009


“I’m resigning..”
“U don’t have to do that.”
“I’ll b transfer to KL.”
“I’ll submit my resignation letter tomorrow, I don’t 1 2 b transfer..”
“then what’re u going to do?”
“ I don’t know.. worst to worst I’ll go back kampung.”
“I’ll b jobless, but please don’t leave me..”

I’ve together with him since past 4 years, n now I’ve to spend and go through my life alone.. I’m so lonely.. & both of us don’t know how long we going 2 b in this way.. I feel hard..

“don’t worry, I don’t feel sad at all. May b I’d set what to do in my mind..”

I feel sad more than him.. he didn’t show it but I understand how he feels in the 1st place. I can imagine if I’m in his situation. Luckily he is ok now.. But we are going to b separate & I’m going to b alone.. for me, a company should not hire staff if they 1 2 ask their staff to resign later. Being transfer is another thing, but the important here ever happened is, some people should really control their words come out from their mouth. Criticize & suggesting to make the organization has a better system is good but shouldn’t speak out or do something that able to tutup periuk nasi orang. No one is perfect even you and me. (I don’t know what I’m saying but adalah tu..)

For him, I will say “I’ll always support u whatever it is.. I’ll b so lonely here but I’ll not stop u to do anything you want. I’m happy to see you more and more happy from day to day.. I know you already saw the brightness, just b strong and b passion.. Thanks for everything, you’ve done so much for me & supported me all this while. I’ll not ask you for more but I’ll support u if that’s your choice to back for good. I saw the brightness too ;) & I’ll wait for u here.. Just take care & do look after your parents & your family.. enjoy..”

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