Friday, April 24, 2009

It's All About My Work Today

It all about my work today..
Geli hati with something, here it goes..

“Hello, Is this XXX Sdn Bhd?”
“Yes.. “
“I’m calling from YYY Sdn Bhd. I’m going to fax …… document, who should I attention to?”
“Just attention to Mr. Wong.”
“ok.. your fax number?”
(I called there for the 1st time that’s y I don’t know their fax number)
“ok thanks.. I’ll fax over some document shortly.”
“err.. you’re calling from…?”
“oh, we are contractor.. YYY Sdn Bhd.”
“who’s on the line please?”
“I’m Wisiah here.”
“Wisiah? Wisiah Ng?”
(who this person know my full name?)
(LAUGHING…) “oh, it’s me.. Siew Wan.. I’d realize your voice since the beginning but don’t dare to ask u.. oh, I can’t believe it..”

Then both of us laughing and start to talk about our life through that phone call..

Hahahaha… the world is so small.. tak sangka.. at this time around, we are so serious doing our work, I still able to bump with my childhood friend just that simple.. she is my childhood friend, my primary & secondary classmate, my neighbor and her mum is my mum’s best buddy too (rapat pasal pinang sama bunga ja ni).. we used to play together, I went to her house; she came to my house, did homework together, played together, ever cook together, been scold together when we were naughty,.. After SPM, she studied in UMS Labuan and I studied in PJ. She then worked in kk and engaged with a Chinese guy past 3 years if I’m not mistaken. She then busy with her own life & work, so do I and she changed her hp number without informed me.. Then we lost contact for some times & now we get back each other.. Feel amused & funny..

I saw our office camera just on my table, so i'd snap few photo of me.. :p

And here, I would like to compliment one of our supplier. I’d faxed some info to them for quoting us the price for some goods. May b u also don’t believe it, or may b it’s normal for u.. up to u but for me, bravo to this supplier.. They’d replied my fax (quoted me the price) within 3 minutes! Really it was in 3 minutes! It’s not only 1 item u know but a lot of different items.. I’d just turn back to my sit, print 2 pages of document, ready to call them to ask whether they’d received my fax or not, then a fax coming in.. Thanks for Mr. Christ.. you are my life savior for today..


Eranis said...

amazingly surprising!

Wiskies said...

yes surprising.. even you also long time didn't hear from her right.. anyway, thanks for visiting my blog eranis..