Friday, April 24, 2009

1st Blog.. Oh Yeah..

This is my first blog, just wanna say Hi and thanks for reading to the readers. My blog has nothing yet at the moment, still cracking my head to get idea to write something. Different person has different interest, but I’ll do my best to make it interesting as possible as I can. It might be all about my life, my experience, my hobby, photos, current issue, current events, some meaningful quotes, something interesting and unique out there.

Simple intro about me, I’m a real sabahan who doesn’t like to talk much but can write much even though it’s not very powerful words. Some people said I’m mysterious, I only show my real feeling & talk everything to a person who I really close & trust with. I enjoy learning new things and enjoy challenges.. I’m the 1 who loves kg life or just sitting at the beach relaxing rather than going out to night party all the time. Boring me? It’s up to u.. Of coz I went party once in a blue moon and I enjoy it, coz I love music & dancing but I’m more prefer some healthy activities. May b my mood & interest going out to night club had passed. People said I’m innocent. Am I? hehehe.. Those people had been cheated by my outlook, only people who close with me know it.. Yeah I can b innocent, I always try to do good things & b supportive to other people, at the same time I can b an evil.. no one really knows perfectly what’s I’ve ever really done and who am I, as they said, I’m mysterious. I think a lot (that’s y I set up a blog to write it down), stubborn enough, think positive & always do my best to raise my standard in everything coz I want to b success. I like decoration, unique things, travel, food ect. I enjoy my life & I have goals for my life, basically I wish 2 have a house and have my own happy and peaceful family. I’m still in my way to know & find more about myself anyway..
My blog is still empty & unmanaged, will update & upgrade my blog from time to time.. & below is the first photo I upload here, been taken today..

Photo of the day..

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