Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just wanna share..

Just wanna share something with you guys..

I know most of you have your own car, seldom and may b some of u even never go every way by public transport or bus.. Me, someone who are only a lower standard person, going to every where in kk by bus all the time. Here my story is..

Yesterday evening, I went back home after work together with my colleague Henry (people called him Henry Kicik coz of his small size of body, and he is my neighbor). We came out from office around 5.30pm. Reached the bus stop and waited for the bus. 6.15pm, yeah.. there is one bus to Kepayan coming. We stopped the bus but

DAMN IT THE BUS WON’T STOP! The bus is not full!! Why are they don’t want to stop to let people lodge! I used to wait for a bus more than 1 hour; I used to stand in the bus from kk till Kepayan or otherwise; but I really feel mad with this, I stopped the bus and the bus won’t stop even though the driver saw us! What the Fuck!!

6.40pm, another bus coming. And I reach home 7.10pm. standing all along the way from kk to Kepayan but luckily i don't have to b like this..

To the transportation company: I understand you unable to close down your business because of some regulation.. but you can hand over your business to other people if you have such suck service. Else, do your business and provide good service to other people sincerely from your heart. Please fire such irresponsible driver in your company. I know this is not the 1st case, there are people complaints about it to your office before, there are people complaints to media before, but your company has no improvement but getting worst. When you provide bad service, people hate to lodge your bus, then people will buy their own car and no more people want to go everywhere by your bus, and your business will go down and down. Look at other country like Japan or Singapore. People there are rich, they can have their own car anytime but people there still prefer to go everywhere by public transport, coz they want to avoid traffic jam and their public transport provide better service..

And the public transport here, hmm.. it seems not much different with the public transport in Indonesia, kereta sapu.. And, I will face this again for few more years coz I still unable to have my own car due to my financial.. I’m not the one who, like other people who have their family or boyfriend to support their financial. I have to get everything by my own money.. Understand? poor me.. But I’m sure one day I’ll get what I want.

*photo picked from email.

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